Prime Maxima: Warrior

Joined the project in: February 2019

Involvement time: 11 months

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Prime Maxima: Warrior is a traditional JRPG developed by MythAtelier in the engine RPG Maker MV. It is divided into missions, each with their own environment and specific level mechanics.

My contract with MythAtelier had me work flexibly on both this and Prime Maxima: Monk, sometimes switching between the two projects.

My responsibilities were predominantly level design and level programming. I also gave feedback on the level design which was already completed.

I designed 3 of the 6 environments in the game: Irydes Woods, Abbey Ruins, and Lethe Moors. I also had a significant hand in Shrike Camp, the hub world for the game.

I met with the head designer at regular intervals and we discussed what a mission's environment would be like and what the "level gimmick" would be for the mission. The head designer gave outlines for the overall shape of the level and the mechanics of the gimmick, and wrote them into a GDD. It was my duty to find level assets online that fit the environment (the budget didn't allow for an artist on the team), design the level to fit the outline I was given, and program the gimmick based on specifications.

For instance, in the first mission I designed for, Irydes Woods, there was a sniper scanning the area for someone to fire upon, and it was my duty to program the crosshair which would follow the player for the entirety of the mission.

Levels for this game are "screen-based," so when the player moves to the edge of the screen the camera pans to the next "screen" of the level. Partway through development we made the switch from a 4:3 aspect ratio to a 16:9, which meant that levels needed to be re-designed to accomodate for the wider screen.

PixelPop Festival

In September I went with the head designer to PixelPop, a St. Lous games conference, where we gathered a lot of feedback and continued updating the game while it was being played.