Nothing Goes Wrong in Space

Release: November 18th 2018

Development time: 4 days

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Nothing Goes Wrong in Space (NGWS) is a one-touch arcade game about a space ship that is trying to delay crashing for as long as possible. Because one engine is broken and the other won't turn off, the ship is constantly turning, and the player can tap to change which direction the ship is turning.

This game was initially made for the January 2017 Global Game Jam, with four team members including myself. My responsibilities for this project were to design the concept, program all components of the game, and write the music. The original PC release can be found here.

Later I gave myself the responsibility of porting the game to Android, where its official release rests. Due to its simple control scheme it did not require many adjustments to port to mobile. I officially began the task of porting it on November 17th, 2018, and it released a day later.