Project began: Spring 2018

Development time: 6 months

Everbond was conceptualized as a platformer about relationships - specifically a long-distance relationship. The idea came as an exercise in expressing narrative mechanically, and the "bond" mechanic represents the emotional bond between the two player characters by becoming a physical bond when the player activates it.

The game's difficulty comes in part from the player's need to manage two characters at once, and in part from understanding and mastering the bond mechanic. However, by design the game could be played by two people simultaneously. In which case, the main difficulty comes from communicating with each other when using the bond mechanic. In short, that mechanic is the central focus of the game.

I was the sole developer of the project for four months, until a second person took over visual design and level design. For the duration of the project I was responsible for core gameplay design and implementation, narrative design, and all programming including graphics programming. Level design seen in the early build video was done by me.

Partway through development I got sick of the engine's built-in level editor and decided to build my own, creating tools specialized for the mechanics that would come into play in the game, such as pairing buttons to other objects and drawing routes for moving platforms to travel.

The project was never finished due to scheduling conflicts.

Much time was spent making a cheat sheet for the level editor. It was designed to be extremely comprehensive so that anyone using the editor would not only know what its functions are but also how to design an effective level. Here's a link to that document.

Just like the project itself the document is incomplete and needs cleaning up. This document could be used internally if new level designers were added to the core team, but as the level editor was developed potential plans to share it with players and support custom level sharing opened up, and a cleaner version of this document would come with the editor.