It Came from the Closet

Release: April 24th 2018

Development time: 6 months

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It Came from the Closet is a top-down stealth game where you play as a monster sneaking through a house to scare a child in their bed. It mixes dark visuals with light narrative components.

The game was developed by myself and two other people. My responsibilities included designing obstacles, designing and developing the game's artificial intelligence, programming all aspects of the game, and eventually aiding in the promotional material for the game's marketing.

The game started development in October 2017 as an entry in the St. Louis Scatter Jam. The jam version can be found here. In the jam the core loop was established, and afterwards I added mechanics and more content, and cleaned up programming and visuals.

Later I developed an Android build of the game but even though it was completed it was never published.